Silicon Sprays DS-100 Silicone Spray


DS-100 SILICONE SPRAYS  100% silicon

DS-100 Silicone Spray

Tough technology maintenance products DS-100 Silicone spray
Part No. DS-100
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DS-100 Silicone Spray - Dry Silicone lubrication

DS-100 Silicone Spray - a dry silicone lubrication spray, non staining 100% silicon oil used for lubrication and protection with 101 uses in industry and around the home, DS-100 silicone spray is without doubt one of the most universal lubrication products to have in your tool kit!

  • Lubricates & feeds rubber
  • Water resistant - repels water
  • Will not harm plastics, rubber and nylon
  • Does not run - stays where it is sprayed
  • Makes assembly and dismantling easy
  • Isolates and protects againest moisture & oxidation - prevents corrosion
  • Provides protection under most adverse conditions
  • Prevents arcing on electrics
  • Promotes longer life in rubber
  • Adheres - does not wash off
  • Clear and non-staining


DS-100 Silicone Spray
Silicon sprays were originaly developed for use as a protection for electrical connections in the automotive industry to provide permanent protection against water penetration and oxidation. Being 100% pure silicone, with no bulking agents, it is totally safe on sensitive materials such as gold plated materials used on many vehicles as well as plastic and nylon connection blocks.

DS-100 Silicon spray is one of the best lubrications suitable for specialised areas such as curtain sided truck runners and roller door guides. Silicone sprays are used as a protection againest UV and premature aging when silicone spray is used on rubber items such as door weather strips

silicone sprays WS-100 a dry lubrication 100% SILICONE SPRAY
There is nothing else in the can other than Silicone and propellant gas - propane & butane (so when gas evaporates 100% silicone is left on surface) 
Silicone Spray used in -

Silicone spray is ideally suited to use on Doors, Locks, hinges, silence noisy fan belts, waterproof ignition systems, lubricate rubber mountings, dashboards, insulate electrical systems, speedometer cables, window channels, remove dashboard squeaks, protect rubber mouldings, prevent dirt build up.

Silicone spray lubricates sliding surfaces, cutting dies, mould release, parting agent, heat sealing equipment, spatter guard, prevents adhesive build up, lubricates knives, saw blades, needle points, cutting table surfaces, shell core moulding, prevents ice adhesion, repels ink and water. Lubricates curtain and vertical blind tracking.

Silicone protects against salt water, fishing equipment, waterproofs leather footwear, spray on ski equipment, sailing and boating equipment, preserves rubber o-rings in swimming pool filter equipment.Curtain tracking, vertical drape tracking, frees sticky draws, sliding windows and door tracking, hinges, garage doors, zippers, luggage, a dry silicone lubrcation for treadmills this dry silicone lube is ideally suitable to use on gardening equipment.

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DS-100 Silicon sprays - 100% silicon.
protection againest corrosion with x1200 spray
DS-100 Silicon spray - dry lubrication.

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