Rad-Fix Additives Coolant leak sealant

repair radiator leaks matrix leaks and coolant leaks with rad fix

rad-fix permanently fix leaks in radiators, heater matrix and packings
Part No. RDF0010
TTP product enquiry for Rad Fix coolant repair sealants
Rad-Fix - Additives
Rad-Fix has a unique NON CLOG formula that seals quickly and permanently leaks in radiators and packings, as well as hairline cracks in engine blocks and cooling systems.

cooling system leaks Rad Fix radiator leak sealer repair video
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  • Cures leaks in seconds.
  • Can be used in all types of radiators.
  • Does NOT CLOG the cooling system.
  • Can be used with all types of anti-freeze.
  • Is compatible with different water-based coolants.
  • Helps prevent corrosion and aids water pump lubrication.


TTP Rad-Fix prevents and seals water leaks for all Radiators, Cooling Systems, Heater Matrix and Engine Blocks. Manufactured without compromise this product has been designed to perform in the most arduous of applications

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RaD-Fix Radiator stop leak - cures radiator leaks quickly Andy Clayton
Fleet Engineer

"We have tried all types of Radiator Stop Leaks but RADFIX is the only one we can depend on, we always have a case in stock !"    

Radiator leaks fix with Radfix

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