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Part No. PRS300R
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Proseal 300 (Red) - Liquid Gasket Maker - Pressure pack
  • Creates any seal shape
  • Non drip / non sag
  • Resistant to fuels / Oils
  • Flexible rubber composition
  • Extreme high tempreture rating
    - maximum tempreture usage 330c
  • Adhesion to a wide Variety of surfaces
  • Full cure time 24hrs for a 2mm bead
  • Less waste
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PROSEAL is speciffically formulated for 'forming in place' gaskets and seals, replaces all fibre, cork, felt, paper and rubber packing. The Proseal 300 liquid gasket is pressured packed enabling easier application of the liquid gasket to those hard to access places where space is limited as no long application gun is required.

PROSEAL will adhere to:
Galvanised Copper
Most common plastics

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