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Technical Sheets & MSDS Sheets
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Adhesives & Sealants
Adhesive & Sealants Products
TTP90 Part 1 TTP 90 Plastic repairs TTP90 Plastic Repairs to bumpers, trim and car plastics
TTP90 Part 2 TTP 90 Plastic repairs TTP90 Plastic Repairs to bumpers, trim and car plastics
Proseal 260 Liquid Forming gasket proseal 260 adhesive sealant
Proseal 330 Liquid forming gasket sealants Proseal 360 adhesive and sealant
T Lock
T Lock 1 Lock Threads Tlock1 Thread locking adhesive
T Lock 2 Tlock 2 Thread Locking adhesives
T Lock 3 tlock3 Thread lock adhesives
Probond Probond adhesives glues
Megastick Metal Metal Epoxy Repair Putty Megastick epoxy putties UK
Megastick High Temp High temp expoy repair putties Megastick epoxy putties UK  glue repair sticks
Megastick Aqua Epoxy repair putty Aqua - can be used in water Megastick epoxy putty UK
Surefix Surefix Super Glues
Surefix Activator Surfix Activator
Powerfix Adhesive
Powerfix Activator
Cleaning & Degreasing
Cleaning & degreasing
Proclean 5000 Proclean5000 Degreaser and cleaner
Excel Degreaser Best Degreaser and cleaners Excel Degreaseers powerfull degreasers
Pro-Foam Profoam  glass and multi surface cleaners
Clean-IT Electro Clean cleaning electrical contacts / pcb boards
Electro Clean Electro Clean cleaning electrical contacts / pcb boards
Lubrication Products
DS100 Silicon Spray Silicon Spray The dry lubricant DS-100 Dry Silicon 100 Silicon sprays
Dura-Slip Dura-slip lubricant PTFE Lubricants UK
Freeze-Off Freeze Off frees seized nuts and Bolts Freeze-Off undoe's siezed connections
OG-50 OG 50 lubricant OG50 penetrationg oil and lubricant
X1200 Anti Seize Aseembly Paste - Spray X1200 assembly paste spray
K-Spray   X1200 assembly paste spray
X1200 Anti Seize Aseembly Paste - Paste
Super-6 Spray
Super-6 Liquid
Fillers & Paints
Automotive fillers & paint products
Electrical products
Heatshrink Tubing Heat shrink Tubing HeatShrink Tubing flame retardant dual wall heat shrinkable tubing
Powertape Powertape s
Solder Shrink Wire Connectors Soldersherink Wire connectors wire connectors
Electro Clean Electro Clean cleaning electrical contacts / pcb boards
Specialist Tapes
Automotive additives products
FT900 Best Fuel Additive FT900 Fuel Treatment
Radfix Radfix Fixes leaks in Radiators Matrix Heaters Radfix stop leaks in radiators and pipes
OilFix Oil Additives Oil-Fix seals Oil Fix seal and gasket condintioner
Cobalt Drill Products
Cobalt Drill Bits Colbalt Drill Bits TTP Hard Drills
Cut-It - Drill Coolant
Hotrocks Ice Melts
Hotrocks deicing pellets HotRocks
Car Care Products
Car Care Show Room Shine Products
Fast Wax Fat Wax car polish
Glass Glass cleaner
Bumper Bumper - Cleaner and polish
Leather Leather - leather restorers and conditioner
Tyre Tyre - Tyre dresser
Wash & Wax Wash & Wax washes and polishes
Trim & Dash Trim & Dash cleaner and polish
Wheels TTP Wheels - Alloy wheel cleaners

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