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Car glass  cleaner ttp Glass best glass cleaner and glass polish

Part No. GLS5001
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Glass - TTP Car Glass Cleaner
Car glass cleaner - TTP Glass - unique fast acting non streak glass cleaner, formula designed for the cleaning of glass. TTP Glass Cleaner cleans to a showroom shine

  • Easy on / Easy Off car glass cleaner
  • Longer lasting shine
  • Simple and easy to apply
  • No streaks & smears
  • Impressive showroom shine

TTP Glass cleaner has a unique non streak glass cleaning formula designed for the cleaning of car glass, windows and mirrored surfaces. The glass cleaner is suitable for domestic and industrial use and is ideal for valeting due to fast drying times.

Directions to use TTP Glass cleaner

  • Spray cleaner onto glass area to be cleaned
  • With a clean cloth spread to all parts using a circular motion
  • Allow glass cleaner to dry (approx 30 seconds)
  • Polish to a showroom shine using a separate cloth

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