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Part No.WHL5008
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Alloy wheel cleaner TTP Wheels
TTP Wheels is a rapid action alloy wheel cleaner that quickly removes brake dust and grime. TTP Wheels leaves surfaces clean and un-pitted. The alloy wheel cleaner is effective in hard or soft water and contains a powerful acid additive.

TTP Wheels is a highly effective acid cleaner. Suitable for alloy wheels but also castings and truck bodies. Removes brake dust, dirt and grime.

  • Rapid action
  • Quickly removes brake dust
  • Contains acid additive
  • Safe on most metals

TTP Tyre suitable for alloy wheels but is also ideally suited to be used on castings and truck bodies.

Directions to use TTP Wheels

  • Wash wheel to remove loose dirt and grime
  • Trigger spray over entire wheel
  • Work well in using suitable alloy wheel cleaning brush
  • Leave for a few minutes
  • Rinse well and dry
  • Use a polish to add protection

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how to clean oxidised chequer plate
Dulled - Oxidised Aluminium Chequer Plate
reviving cleaning chequer plate
"Wheels' worked into Aluminium Chequer Plate
Best way to clean weathered and oxidsed aluminium chequer plate
Finished - Optional polish to protect Chequer Plate.
Restoring alloy chequer plate to new
Aulminium Chequer Plate Before and After.
Thanks to Chris Feeney for permission & photos

Clean oxidised Aluminium chequer plate the easy way !

recently bought a 2007 Toyota Hilux, it was really clean and had a 'Mountain Top' Tonneau Cover made of Aluminium Chequer Plate, unfortunately the Chequer plate had started to oxidise and really spoilt the look of the vehicle.
I tried everything to clean it and nothing made any real headway on it.
I then used the 'WHEELS' alloy wheels cleaner from TTP and was astonished with how quickly it brought the Aluminium back to life (see attached set of photos)  
Chris F

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